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Newborn Photos: Lakyn Rose, 3 weeks old October 11, 2009

lakyn03 copy

I got to visit my cousin’s family and welcome her new little baby girl into the family. :) Lakyn Rose is just three weeks old, and is such a little sweetie. I could have held her all day! We grabbed a few photos in their home (since it was 30-something degrees outside!), and Lakyn did such a good job (so did big brother Mason). Here are a few of the photos:

lakyn01 copy

lakyn02 copy

lakyn05 copy

lakyn04 copy

lakyn06 copy

I also took a few photos of the new brother, who is now two years old. :) Isn’t he adorable?

lakyn08 copy

lakyn12 copy

lakyn13 copy

lakyn14 copy

And one of the two together… how sweet!

lakyn07 copy

And a few of Lakyn and her mom. I think she’ll love these when she’s older.

lakyn09 copy

lakyn11 copy

lakyn10 copy

We took one quick family photo on the front porch! 

lakyn15 copy

Congratulations, Rebecca and Dustin! :)


4 Responses to “Newborn Photos: Lakyn Rose, 3 weeks old”

  1. Melinda Says:

    I love these and I love my Niece and Family!

  2. Melissa Dinsmore Says:

    Lakyn is adorable! I especially love the family photo… She looks like her mommy!

  3. Rachel Says:

    These are great pictures, and it’s great to see Lakyn! :)

  4. Melissa Says:

    She is so precious! I can definitely see the family resemblance! Can’t wait to have all the 2nd cousins together in December…

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