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THE BLOG HAS MOVED! October 29, 2009

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After launching the new site earlier this week, I’m so excited to tell you that the new BLOG is also now online! :) It will feature bigger photos, easier navigation, and all-around coolness. There are even two brand-new posts waiting for you right now!

If you read this blog with an RSS Reader or my favorite, Google Reader, make sure you subscribe to the new feed!

I’d love to know who’s reading! If you’re feeling sweet, leave me a comment over there to say hi and welcome the new blog to cyberspace.
The new blog is located at a really easy place to remember:

Go check it out. :)  

(FYI: This blog will stay up, and eventually I’m going to import all of these posts to the new blog so your features stay up! For now, get ready for some awesome new stuff on the awesome new site!).


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