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It’s Family Photo Season in Kansas City — Family Portrait Session in the Park! October 23, 2009

Fall is such a great time for family photos. I love the colors of the trees in this area, which help brighten up the dreary weather we’ve been having this fall. :) We somehow missed the sprinkles right before and right after this session, and I was so happy! My portrait sessions for the year are starting to wind down as the weather gets colder and we all start to stay in our cozy homes for the winter. :)

I really love getting to see families multiple times for portrait sessions. The last time I saw little Carson, he was little and definitely not as fast as he is now! It’s amazing how quickly little ones grow up and how quickly they become very quick. I get some great exercise during sessions with kids around this age, for sure, and it’s so much fun. Here are some of my favorites from our session at the park!

sander09 copy

sander01 copy

Carson has the biggest, bluest eyes!

sander02 copy

sander04 copy

His little grin is the cutest!

sander05 copy

sander12 copy

sander08 copy

sander10 copy

sander06 copy

sander07 copy

How cute is this? :)

sander14 copy

sander13 copy

sander15 copy

Thanks so much for asking me to take your family photos again! Have a great fall season!


Kansas City Family Photos: Antioch Park October 20, 2009

Fall is a great time for family portraits. It’s perfect for great colors, beautiful scenery, and just in time for Christmas cards or gifts. :) We have some great parks around Kansas City that provide beautiful backdrops for families who want fall-themed portraits. One of the prettiest right now is Antioch Park, which has about every color of tree all packed in together. It’s really beautiful!

I met up with this beautiful family for an afternoon session at the peak of the fall season — which we all know goes by way too fast here in the midwest. I love the photos we captured of them!

buckley01 copy

buckley02 copy

I like to do “matching” photos of individual kids, which make for great collage-style framed prints on walls, partnered with family photos. I try to think about how my clients might want to use their images as pairings after the shoot. Here’s an example — these two boys are so cute! Here’s George:

buckley03 copy

buckley04 copy

And his big brother, Hank:

buckley06 copy

buckley05 copy

Aren’t their outfits cute? I love the sweaters and matching blue Chucks.

buckley07 copy

Some more family photos!

buckley08 copy

buckley09 copy

This one is too cute. :)

buckley10 copy

buckley11 copy

More individual shots of the boys:

buckley12 copy

buckley13 copy

I love this one of dad playing with his boys! Having two boys would be quite adventurous. :)

buckley14 copy

buckley20 copy

A few more favorites of the entire family:

buckley15 copy

buckley16 copy

I love taking photos of moms and dads together, too. Aren’t these two beautiful together?

buckley17 copy

We also played in the leaves. I love the shot of Hank’s shoes in the leaves.

buckley18 copy

buckley19 copy

Thanks so much for asking me to capture your family photos! :)


Family Photos at Shawnee Mission Park October 8, 2009

Shawnee Mission Park is a popular place for photos this time of year — I had two in one week out there! The second was for this cute family. I love photographing children and getting to spend some time with them. Kids just really crack me up, and I love how everything is so neat to them. Especially at the age of this little guy, Connor. At almost 2 years old, the world is one big wonder!

connor07 copy

connor05 copy

Fall is a great time for family portraits — I especially love the sweaters that come out in the fall. :) Here’s Connor with his parents:

connor01 copy

connor02 copy

He is just so sweet! Look at those pretty blue eyes and his adorable little smile. :)

connor04 copy

connor06 copy

connor03 copy

I love this one. Connor liked to lead the way. 

connor09 copy

He also liked to run to my camera. :)

connor10 copy

And then give me one of these looks… :) What a cutie!

connor11 copy

connor12 copy

connor08 copy

connor13 copy

How cute is this one? :) It just makes me want to shout, “YAY!!”

connor14 copy

We also visited the boats, which was very exciting for a little boy.

connor15 copy

connor16 copy

And one more with mom and dad… taken right before he stood up and ran for the next awesome thing. :) I love kids. I wish we all had that same sense of adventure after we’re grown-ups. :)

connor17 copy

Thanks for asking me to take your family photos! It was a really fun time, and Connor is so sweet. Have a great fall season!


Kansas City Baby Photography: Tucker’s 9-Month Photos September 29, 2009

tucker9-01 copy

It was so much fun seeing Tucker and his parents again. :) I love this part of what I do — I get to see babies as they grow up and get big and develop cute little personalities over their first year. Doing a first year package is an awesome way for parents to capture their children over the first year, and an awesome way for me to get to hang out with cute babies multiple times throughout the year. :)

Tucker is all smiles, has the biggest blue eyes, and is just super adorable. Our session was fall themed, the weather was perfect, and we had a great time! Here are some of my favorites.

tucker9-03 copy

tucker9-02 copy

tucker9-04 copy

tucker9-05 copy

They’re such a cute family! I love the next two:

tucker9-06 copy

tucker9-07 copy

I love the fall leaves — this is a great time for fall photos, since the leaves are falling, but also still on the trees. :)

tucker9-09 copy

tucker9-08 copy

tucker9-10 copy

tucker9-11 copy

tucker9-12 copy

This one might be one of my favorites… I love his expression, the light, and the lines from the wooden slats!

tucker9-14 copy

tucker9-13 copy

tucker9-15 copy

Playing with a pumpkin…

tucker9-17 copy

And one more with the parents! :)

tucker9-16 copy

I can’t wait to see Tucker again in a few months for his 1-year photos! :) What a cutie!


Kansas City Baby Photography: Troy, 9 months old September 1, 2009

I can’t believe how fast babies grow up! I’m sure their parents feel the same way — one day they’re a little newborn baby, and before you know it, they’re headed off to college. :) The last time I saw little Troy, he was just 4 months old. Now he’s just turned 9 months old and I can’t believe how big he is! He was all smiles during our session, which was amazing. 

Here are some photos of our session at the park!

troyblog06 copy

troyblog01 copy

Babies at this age are so exploratory — everything is interesting! :)

troyblog07 copy

troyblog08 copy

I think Troy knows how cute he is… just look at this face. :)

troyblog05 copy

We took some fun photos with Mom and Dad, too.

troyblog04 copy

troyblog02 copy

I absolutely love taking photos of parents interacting with their kids. These are too cute.

troyblog10 copy

troyblog09 copy

troyblog12 copy

troyblog11 copy

These photos marked Troy’s first time sitting in the grass. The grass was VERY interesting. :)

troyblog13 copy

troyblog14 copy

troyblog15 copy

More fun photos with Mom and Dad! :)

troyblog18 copy

troyblog16 copy

troyblog17 copy

And we’ll end on one with a facial expression that just makes me smile so big. What a cute boy! I can’t wait to see how much he changes over the next few months! :)

troyblog19 copy


Tucker’s 6 month baby portraits at Shawnee Mission Park July 3, 2009

You  might remember this little guy from the portraits we took when he was just one month old. His daddy was deployed during that time, and his mom got in touch with me to do an Operation: Love Reunited session. Well, I’m so glad to report that his dad is back safe and sound and I got to see the whole family for Tucker’s six month portraits! :) I can’t believe how much he’s grown!

We met up at the park for this session. Check out Tucker’s gorgeous blue eyes! Can you say, heartbreaker?? :)

tucker02 copy

His parents obviously love him… and he thinks they’re pretty funny:

tucker01 copy

Those eyes are even gorgeous in black and white!

tucker03 copy

And he makes the best faces! What a happy boy!

tucker04 copy

Some family photos:

tucker05 copy

tucker09 copy

I love the next two:

tucker07 copy

tucker06 copy

Brandi, call me if you ever need a sitter. :) I could stand to play with this cute little guy for a day!

tucker08 copy

One with dad…

tucker10 copy

And one with mom…

tucker11 copy

And let me explain this last one… :) This one’s for grandma. Tucker’s dad wore this exact western outfit when he had 6-month portraits taken… only Tucker’s dad fit into the jeans and boots that went with it. Tucker is a growing boy, so the shirt fit… and the rest, well, didn’t. :) We improvised and came out with this cute shot:

tucker12 copy

I can’t wait to see you all again at the next session! Have a great 4th of July! :)


Family Photos at Home, Overland Park June 25, 2009

weber09 copy

I met up with this family at their Overland Park home. One of my favorite things about photography sessions in my clients’ homes is that I get to capture them doing the things they normally do in a place that’s comfortable, familiar and cozy! It’s especially great for young children to stay in their home environment — because they love to show me their favorite toys (which makes for great photos!). I love how these in-the-home photos turned out!

First of all, this family is just beautiful. Their children have the most gorgeous brown eyes:

weber07 copy

weber03 copy

Adam showed me around his room, from “his guys” (stuffed animals) to his Pinnochio toy that was his mom’s when she was little!

weber01 copy

weber02 copy

We did some family photos on the couch, like this one:

weber04 copy

And got little miss Kate to sit up all by herself (isn’t she precious?)!

weber05 copy

We also went outside, and I got to witness the very first red cherry tomato of the season! Makes me wish I would’ve gotten my tomato plants planted before it was too late… 

weber06 copy

We got some family photos in the backyard:

weber08 copy

And then headed back inside (out of the extreme heat!) for my favorite portion of the day. These were all taken in the master bedroom, which had beautiful light.

weber12 copy

I love this one!

weber11 copy

What a sweet girl…

weber10 copy

And I love this series of the whole family, and snuggled together!

weber13 copy

weber15 copy

weber14 copy

Thank you so much for inviting me into your home for our photography session! It was such a joy to meet you, and I am excited for you to see the entire gallery of photos! :)