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October Wedding: Jamie and Tyson (Manhattan, KS) October 13, 2009

When Jamie first contacted me about being her wedding photographer, she knew that she wanted someone who loved weddings. She wanted her photographer to be excited right along with them throughout the process. I tend to be a very girly girl who loves weddings anyway, but it was impossible to not be super excited for Jamie and Tyson’s big day. Jamie lights up a room — always, but especially in a wedding gown. I knew that Jamie would be absolutely glowing on the day she got to marry Tyson, and I was right.

So I was excited — very excited — when I arrived and felt the energy in the room where Jamie was getting ready. The ladies were all gathered in the library of the church (First Presbyterian Church in Manhattan). Since Jamie is a teacher, I loved that she was surrounded by books while she was getting ready. :) Here’s one of my new favorite shots ever of a bride getting ready:

jamietyson01 copy

Jamie and Tyson decided to see each other before the ceremony, which was amazing. We were able to get so many portraits done beforehand and still have time for them to relax and enjoy their day. Here’s the handsome groom waiting to see his bride:

jamietyson02 copy

And Jamie, coming around the corner to meet her groom!

jamietyson03 copy

And they meet!! :)

jamietyson04 copy

jamietyson13 copy

We went outside, despite the FREEZING weather. Jamie and Tyson were so brave to head out in the 36 degree weather on their wedding day — you just never know what to expect with Kansas weather! I’m so glad they were up for it, though, because I love the shots we captured outside.

jamietyson06 copy

jamietyson05 copy

jamietyson07 copy

jamietyson08 copy

I loved the lacy wedding dress Jamie picked out. She looked stunning.

jamietyson09 copy

jamietyson10 copy

Aren’t these two just so cute??

jamietyson11 copy

jamietyson12 copy

Jeff went with me, and he took this one:

jamietyson34 copy

Since we had some time, we did a few more bridal portraits in the church next to some stained glass windows that Jamie really likes. I LOVE this one of her — it’s so soft and beautiful.

jamietyson14 copy

Jeff doesn’t normally take the bridal portraits with me, but he grabbed a few of Jamie, and I’m thinking he’ll need to start taking more bridal portraits. :) I love these next two — both taken by Jeff.

jamietyson36 copy

jamietyson37 copy

Jeff also took these super cool ring shots:

jamietyson39 copy

jamietyson38 copy

Before the ceremony began, Jamie and the ladies prayed together.

jamietyson15 copy

And then it was time to get married! :) Here are some of my favorite ceremony shots:

jamietyson16 copy

jamietyson18 copy

jamietyson17 copy

Jeff was in the balcony, and he took these:

jamietyson41 copy

jamietyson40 copy

For their send-off from the church, guests threw wheat from Jamie’s family’s farm — how cool is that? I loved that idea, and it looked cool (although I think I had some wheat stuck in my hair for the rest of the night… ha ha). Wheat from the same family farm was also thrown at Jamie’s older sister’s wedding last year. (Thanks to the mother of the bride for giving me the details!).

jamietyson19 copy

jamietyson20 copy

Jeff’s shot:

jamietyson42 copy

In between the ceremony and reception, the wedding party headed to the K-State campus for some photos in front of Anderson Hall (Jamie and Tyson’s last name!).

jamietyson21 copy

It was pretty chilly, so the ladies huddled together. :) They are all so beautiful!

jamietyson22 copy

And a few more of the newlyweds!

jamietyson23 copy

jamietyson24 copy

They had a vintage K-State bus to take them around! Jeff took this one:

jamietyson43 copy

Their reception was so much fun. It was at the Manhattan Country Club (yep, I got to be there twice in one weekend!), and it’s an amazing reception location. I loved shooting there, and they had an awesome staff. Jamie and Tyson entered the reception in a tunnel made by their wedding party!

jamietyson25 copy

Their first dance, which kicked off the reception festivities:

jamietyson26 copy

jamietyson27 copy

Tyson and Jamie during the toasts:

jamietyson28 copy

The DJ had them play a newlywed type of game, where they had to answer questions about “who would be the most likely to…” by holding up one shoe or the other. :) The guests thought it was hilarious (and it was).

jamietyson29 copy

The cake cutting was also exciting. :) And no, they didn’t hold anything back — it was all in good fun, of course.

jamietyson30 copy

Jamie’s lovely sisters:

jamietyson31 copy

And one more during the garter toss:

jamietyson32 copy

Jamie and Tyson, congratulations to you both!! :) It was an absolutely joy to be a part of your big day. I hope your life together is filled with more and more fun times!

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Back from NYC! August 25, 2009

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We’re back, and I’ll be back to blogging really soon! :) I have fun photos from the trip, and a few photo shoots to share with you! And, we’re diving right back in to the routine with TONS of great shoots over the next few weeks.


Here’s a shot of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn. That’s the Brooklyn Bridge you see going across the water. I loved it there!

nyc100 copy


Operation Love Reunited Session at Loose Park August 14, 2009

opl02 copy

I met up with these lovely ladies to do an Operation: Love Reunited session for the deployed soldier in their life (just don’t tell him… the photo shoot is a secret!). I’m so excited to send him an album of photos of his girls. We met up at Loose Park for a session on a very warm August night. :)

See how gorgeous they all are?

opl04 copy

opl05 copy

opl06 copy

I always take a variety of group shots and individual portraits of family members for OpLove sessions. I imagine that deployed soldiers love to have a variety of photos with everyone in them, and good close-ups of the faces they love. :)

opl03 copy

opl08 copy

I love capturing smiles and giggles and happy faces to brighten the soldiers’ days.

opl12 copy

opl09 copy

opl07 copy

opl01 copy

opl13 copy

opl10 copy

opl11 copy

It was so great to meet you. Thanks for asking me to take photos of your family to send a little piece of home to your soldier while he’s away. :)


The photos and other content of this publication do not imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.


Photography for a Cause April 14, 2009

I love seeing fellow photographers giving back. I think it’s important that as a community of photographers, we find ways to use our craft to make a difference and to be an active part of the cities, states, countries and world in which we live.

My friend and photographer Chris with La Brisa Photography in Manhattan, Kansas (soon to be NY!), has started a Photography for a Cause campaign. During the month of April, he’s donating all profits from print sales of his creative work towards two local charities.

You can check out his online photo gallery and order creative prints of beautiful Kansas landscapes, storms, K-State and much more — just click here to view the galleries. Find out more information about this project on his original blog post with all the details.

One of my favorites, taken by Chris Hsieh with La Brisa Photography:



How much is that doggy in the window? :) April 13, 2009

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Petey is the cutest. I’m just going to throw that out there for the entire Internet to see… and agree with. :)

I love this little guy so much. He’s such a cuddler, so curious, extremely loving, always loyal and just plain hilarious. He might look like a grumpy old beared man, but he’s not fooling me. :)

I caught these photos of him a few weeks ago (pre-haircut) as he was standing watch on the bench in front of our picture window. I think he was watching his shadow in this one, ready to pounce if it made one tiny little move… :)


He knows what to do when the camera is pointed his way. It’s one of his best tricks. :)


And, for the record, he’s not for sale. :)


I promise… April 9, 2009

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A new blog post… tonight! :)

For now, if you need a blog to read, head over to my husband’s new blog and leave him a comment. He doesn’t think anyone will read his blog posts about Kansas City districts, restaurants, toilet paper, my teenage brother’s metabolism, and other fun musings. Encourage him to keep blogging, because then we’ll get to see all sorts of cool things in Kansas City on our little excursions to the unknown parts of the city. :)


Cans for Comments stop-motion video December 19, 2008

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Yep, just when you thought you’d heard the last of the awesome Cans for Comments campaign, here’s another little treat for you!

Rebecca Peters posted about our shopping trip and attempt at making a stop-motion film with the cans! After a few photos of me looking so cool (err… so cold is more like it!), you’ll find the video at the bottom of the post.

Don’t miss it… click here to check it out on her blog!

If you don’t know what stop-motion is, read this Wikipedia entry, or watch one of those claymation Christmas movies! It’s so cool, and really hard to do (especially in sub-zero temperatures…)!