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Kelsey and Danny’s Wedding: Coming Up Next! :) August 30, 2009

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I can’t wait to share the rest of these photos with you. Kelsey and Danny’s wedding was absolutely awesome. For now, enjoy this one shot of their exit from the church! :) 

kdw32 copy


Manhattan Kansas Wedding: Kathy and Jeff August 12, 2009

Kathy and Jeff were two people whose paths probably would never have crossed… if it weren’t for their love of animals. Kathy and Jeff met during veterinary school at K-State — she’s from the east, he’s from the midwest — and they fell in love over walks with their dogs. At least, that’s what Jeff told me. :) In fact, he said it was the dogs that helped in their proposal. See, on one of their first dates, Jeff and Kathy decided to go for a walk in Anneberg Park with their dogs. When it came time to propose, Jeff wanted to get Kathy back to the park on a freezing cold day — she agreed (because of the dogs, of course) — and Jeff had to hurry and propose before Kathy ran back to the car. He didn’t even have time to drop to one knee. Still, Kathy said yes (of course!) and the rest is history… well, actually, the rest is just beginning! :)

Kathy and Jeff got married this past weekend in Manhattan, Kansas, where their love story began. Their family and friends from all over the country flew or drove in for the big event!

kathyjeff02 copy

Their first moments all dressed up on their wedding day!

kathyjeff03 copy

A few portraits outside the church (St. Isidore’s):

kathyjeff05 copy

kathyjeff06 copy

Jeff went along with me to this wedding, and he captured this fun shot:

kathyjeff37 copy

And this one. I like how peaceful it looks.

kathyjeff36 copy

While I got this one — I love how Jeff’s reaching out to help his bride, how vibrant her Kansas-themed bouquet is, and the general happy feel of this day. :)

kathyjeff07 copy

The rings (love the greens!):

kathyjeff08 copy

Before the ceremony, I caught Kathy peeking out from her “hiding” place. :)

kathyjeff09 copy

Jeff’s shot of the stained glass:

kathyjeff35 copy

Kathy’s dad walked her down the aisle. I love how joyful her expression is!

kathyjeff10 copy

Jeff had this view from the balcony:

kathyjeff38 copy

I just love ceremonies. I could shoot ceremony shots all day. I know that might sound funny, but they’re seriously my favorite part. I love watching intently for the little moments the bride and groom share even with everyone staring at them… :)

kathyjeff11 copy

kathyjeff12 copy

kathyjeff13 copy

kathyjeff14 copy

kathyjeff15 copy

kathyjeff16 copy

After the ceremony, the wedding party headed to Anneberg Park for photos in the special spot for Kathy and Jeff. Here’s the whole wedding party:

kathyjeff19 copy

Here’s the lake that Jeff proposed next to:

kathyjeff17 copy

The ducks lined up perfectly for this shot… :) Have I mentioned how much I love cathedral veils? They are so romantic.

kathyjeff18 copy

More photos of the happy couple. These were all taken on one of the walking trails, next to a row of trees. The sun was at the perfect spot for some great light.

kathyjeff20 copy

kathyjeff23 copy

kathyjeff21 copy

kathyjeff24 copy

I love how the light catches in her veil… and how the happy smiles catch on their faces. :)

kathyjeff25 copy

kathyjeff26 copy

Their reception was at the K-State Alumni Center, which is an absolutely gorgeous venue. This next photo was taken during Kathy and Jeff’s grand entrance into the reception. I love this because it wasn’t posed, it’s not a portrait… but everything is so perfect that it could have been carefully orchestrated. I think that’s what makes wedding photography so awesome — capturing the perfect little moments in a day that couldn’t be any better if someone had carefully planned it out. I love my job.

kathyjeff27 copy

Everything about their wedding tied in a sunflower and Kansas theme — even using native Kansas flowers and grasses in the bouquets and centerpieces. It was really elegant and paid tribute to the great state where they met. :) 

kathyjeff28 copy

kathyjeff31 copy

And, instead of cake, Kathy and Jeff opted for pie. They cut into a delicious-looking apple pie, and they also offered a variety of pies for their guests. I hadn’t seen that before, and we all know how much I love personal touches. :)

kathyjeff30 copy

And, I’ll leave you with a few shots from their first dance. Such sweet moments.

kathyjeff33 copy

kathyjeff32 copy

Kathy and Jeff, congratulations on your marriage. If you lived in Kansas City, I’d most definitely bring my dog to you for great care. :) Wishing you (and your pets!) the happiest life.

Friends and family can click here to view all of the images from the big day (or sign up and you’ll be notified when they are all ready!).


Sneak Peek: Manhattan Wedding August 9, 2009

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Coming to the blog this week… Kathy and Jeff’s wedding in Manhattan, Kansas!

Thanks for being patient with me during this super busy season — we’re doing tons of sessions and blogging them all as we can! :) Thanks so much for reading!

For now, here’s one sneak peek image from Kathy and Jeff’s wedding. More to come really soon!

kathyjeff01 copy


Kansas City Wedding: Emily and Josh August 4, 2009

One of the things I love most about having a photography business is the opportunities I have to meet really amazing people from all over the place! I have the best time getting to know people — and sometimes it requires doing that from a distance! Emily and Josh both live in the Washington, D.C. area, but were planning a Kansas City wedding (it’s her hometown), so I got to know them from a distance… and really got to know them on their big day! :)

The day’s events took place at St. Patrick’s in Kansas City, Kansas. We started off with Emily doing the finishing touches…



Jeff’s detail shot:


Since they had several hours between their ceremony and reception, Emily and Josh opted to not see each other until the wedding ceremony. Their timeline was great, and still allowed for a great amount of time for portraits in between. So, Josh’s first look at his bride was during her walk down the aisle.

But first, Jeff caught a few shots of the moments right before the processional — I love these of the bride waiting for her turn down the aisle!



Josh walked his mom down the aisle:


And then Emily’s dad walked with her to meet her groom:



I loved this ceremony. The church provided a great backdrop for their traditional Catholic ceremony, and I love the shots we captured of their emotion, the whole scene, and the general excitement of the ceremony.





The next three images are Jeff’s view of the ceremony:




More of my favorites:



One more of Jeff’s ceremony shots:


Emily hugging her dad towards the end of the service:


Husband and wife! :)


The wedding party jumped in a limo and we all headed to Wyandotte County Park and Lake for outdoor portraits. The day could not have been more beautiful.






The ladies:


The guys:


I loved this white fence that wrapped around the golf course area. We waited for a nice fluffy cloud to move over the harsh, bright shining sun in the early afternoon, and it obliged. :)



Some more of my favorite bride/groom portraits… Emily has a great smile that just lights up her whole face!






The wedding party:


The guys wanted to play on some of the playground equipment for their photos… of course, I said yes.


Emily was not to be outdone, however. She climbed onto the jungle gym in tall heels. :)


So joyful!


Emily and Josh wanted a few more fun/casual photos on the playground…


…and so did the groomsmen… :)


The rings!



Emily’s bridal bouquet:


The reception was held at the church in its community center. They had great personal touches, bright colors and a fun atmosphere for their reception. The centerpieces were all painted by Emily’s 5th – 7th grade students:


I love the toasting time at receptions. It’s always great for fun reactions — I love how joyful they are, in response to the maid of honor’s toast:


The bouquet toss…


And the garter toss (seriously, can you feel the fun in these??)… :)


Their first dance as husband and wife! The first one is sort of fitting, because Emily and Josh met during their college years at Notre Dame — it just so happens that the church’s school’s mascot is also the Irish (maybe not the Fighting Irish, but it’s still fun!). :)



Jeff captured this one. It’s so romantic.


And one more of mine:


There are a lot of great shots from throughout their day — I loved how much emotion and excitement everyone had all day! It was definitely a joy to be a part of this special wedding. Family and friends of Emily and Josh, stay tuned for the entire gallery which should be posted online sometime next week!

Congratulations, Emily and Josh! Enjoy life as newlyweds!


Preview: Emily and Josh’s August Wedding August 2, 2009

More to come… very soon. For now, I just wanted to apologize for the lack of blog posts last week and give you a little preview of what’s in store from Emily and Josh’s wedding — a fantastic way to kick off August! :)

Here’s a shot from their wedding portrait session at Wyandotte County Park:

emilyjosh01 copy

Stay tuned for more!


Kansas City Wedding: Lisa and Ben, The Carriage Club and Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church July 28, 2009

I love my job. Have I said that here lately? Well, I do. I absolutely love that I get to be a part of the love story for amazing couples. Lisa and Ben — and their fantastic family and friends — reminded me of just why I love my job. The people. This wedding was such a joy to be a part of, because Lisa and Ben are obviously so in love, and they have an awesome support system of family members and friends who are cheering them on through every chapter of their love story.

Their wedding day this past weekend began at the Carriage Club in Kansas City, where the ladies were getting ready.  I always love getting to see the bride, bridesmaids and moms hanging out before the big day — it’s one of my favorite parts. Lisa was all smiles from the time I arrived — and she has a gorgeous smile. :) Yes, she made my job easy!

In this photo, Lisa was chatting with her mom and Ben’s mom… and I think taking a sneak peek out the window to see if her groom had arrived yet. :)

lisaben01 copy

lisaben03 copy

Check out the detail on Lisa’s dress. Beautiful.

lisaben04 copy

lisaben05 copy

An emotional moment with Lisa and her mom:

lisaben06 copy

The flowers were absolutely stunning. Heather with Botanica did an amazing job on the floral design. I loved the classic beauty of the floral arrangements. Here’s the bridal bouquet:

lisaben02 copy

Jeff shot this wedding with me, which was fantastic as always. :) He grabbed this shot of Lisa making a few finishing touches, and then the one following of Lisa and Ben during their first meeting, outside of the Carriage Club.

lisaben42 copy

lisaben41 copy

Lisa and Ben opted to do their portraits before their ceremony, and even scheduled extra time for portraits downtown (which I obviously love!). First, they met at the Carriage Club and we had some time for a few portraits inside the beautiful venue.

lisaben07 copy

Lisa. Is. Stunning. :)

lisaben08 copy

And her groom… well, he looked awesome in his tux and bow-tie!

lisaben09 copy

We headed downtown for portraits with the wedding party to Liberty Memorial and the Washington Park area next to Union Station. It was great for a variety of shots with greenery and architecture.

Lisa’s cathedral length veil made the bridal portraits extra fun. Add a little bit of wind and we have some dramatic shots of a gorgeous bride.

lisaben10 copy

lisaben11 copy

The sweet couple:

lisaben12 copy

Lisa’s sister did an awesome job with her maid of honor duties! The bridesmaids’ dresses were all custom made — aren’t they great?

lisaben43 copy

Lisa’s satin dress was beautiful, and had  a long row of rhinestones all the way down the back. The details were gorgeous. Here it is in a full-length shot:

lisaben13 copy

The whole wedding party:

lisaben14 copy

More portraits of Lisa and Ben:

lisaben15 copy

lisaben16 copy

lisaben17 copy

This one in black and white is Jeff’s:

lisaben44 copy

These are my shots:

lisaben18 copy
lisaben19 copy

The ceremony was at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church in Kansas City, Missouri (close to Crown Center). As we all know, I love shooting in churches with cool architecture and old details. This church was built in the early 1920s. Jeff took this shot of the outside as the guests were arriving:

lisaben45 copy

Here are more floral details — I am a huge fan of flower balls lining the pews in the aisle of a church. These were perfect:

lisaben20 copy

Lisa’s dad walked her down the aisle:

lisaben21 copy

lisaben22 copy

Jeff’s view:

lisaben46 copy

A few of my favorite ceremony shots:

lisaben23 copy

lisaben24 copy

lisaben25 copy

lisaben26 copy

Jeff took this one of the organist:

lisaben47 copy

And he also took this shot of Lisa and Ben walking back down the aisle — married! :)

lisaben48 copy

Afterwards, we did a few more portraits outside of the beautiful church building.

lisaben27 copy

lisaben28 copy

Then it was time to head to the reception! :)

lisaben29 copy

The reception was at the Carriage Club, and I can’t even begin to say enough good things about this venue and the people who work there. It was a wonderful location for a wedding reception, and the staff was incredibly helpful and attentive to details. Also, did I mention how gorgeous it was? :) The space was lovely, and the details were so well done.

Jeff’s shots:

lisaben53 copy

lisaben52 copy

The table setting (with more gorgeous floral arrangements):

lisaben30 copy

Each place setting had a menu, with their monogram that they carried throughout in several different elements.

lisaben32 copy

Lisa and Ben also had individually wrapped gifts for each of their guests — boxes of Russell Stover chocolates (which is fitting, since they are headquartered here in Kansas City!).

lisaben49 copy

The wedding cake was yet another beautiful detail. Sandy with Creative Cakes designed it, and she did a wonderful job. I couldn’t stop taking photos of all the details on the cake. The second shot is Jeff’s — again, notice the monogram.

lisaben31 copy

lisaben40 copy

Fun reception shots:

lisaben33 copy

lisaben34 copy

lisaben35 copy

lisaben36 copy

These are Jeff’s. First, the saxophone player from the live band — The Karen Davis Project.

lisaben51 copy

I love this great silhouette shot of Jeff’s:

lisaben50 copy

Another one of Jeff’s:

lisaben55 copy

The first dance (this is my shot):

lisaben38 copy

A few ring shots we took during the reception. First, my shot of the rings on the ledge of the fireplace. The second shot is Jeff’s, also on the fireplace.

lisaben37 copy

lisaben54 copy

lisaben39 copy

And, I leave you with two shots that Jeff took (seriously, he is so great!) of the reception venue at the Carriage Club. Bonus points if you can find me in the first photo below. :)

lisaben56 copy

lisaben57 copy

It was a gorgeous wedding filled with beautiful, fun people. This is why I love my job. :)

Lisa and Ben, congratulations on your marriage. Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your special day.

Family and friends of the couple can click here to view all of their images in an online gallery (or sign the online guestbook and be notified once the images are all available).


Sneak Peek: Beautiful Bride! July 26, 2009

More photos will come very, very soon. For now, this one caught my eye and I had to share it. Lisa was absolutely stunning on her wedding day. Can’t wait to share a full blog post with you about Lisa and Ben’s amazing wedding. Stay tuned!