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Week 13: Foods March 29, 2008

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I skipped Week 12 — “Household Items” — since the week before I sort of did the same thing. So, on to Week 13, “Foods.”

I have been pretty addicted to ice cream lately, and for some reason I got this really odd flavor at the grocery store a few weeks ago. So here’s to Edy’s joining in the American Idol frenzy and creating an ice cream flavor out of it.

Banana ice cream, with chocolate and fruit swirls. Yum!




Week 11: My Favorite Color March 18, 2008

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This week’s photography challenge is “my favorite color.” Most of you know that my favorite color is green. I had a really hard time deciding what to photograph for this to really encompass what it is about the color green that makes me happy, and which shade of the color to choose as my favorite. Well, I couldn’t choose. So instead, I decided to take photos of random things around my house that are green. This could have been a 50-photo post easily, but don’t worry…I condensed it. :)


Multiple shades of green on one shelf. Here’s a teapot, a picture frame, a neat box of old wooden spoons we found at an antique store off the highway, and a yummy smelling candle.


I think almost every can in our cabinet has a shade of green on the label somewhere. I’d never noticed that before!


Our candy dish holds some shiny green treats. :)


My mom gave me this salsa dish and spoon rest, handmade from a craft show in Marion, Kansas. I use these all the time.


Our living room is painted green (big surprise). It’s actually a much prettier, soothing green than it appears here. :)


Week 10: Things that make my life easier March 10, 2008

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Daylight Savings Time makes my life easier…and allowed me to capture these photos taken in Osceola, Missouri, on the Lake of the Ozarks. If we would’ve taken that drive one day sooner, it would have been dark and cold and gloomy. I love Daylight Savings. :)

The little white speck above the train caboose is the moon, which was a teeny little sliver.




Week 10: Things that make your life easier

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Photo…coming tonight.

This week, my photo represents daylight savings time, which I happen to LOVE. Although losing an hour of sleep and being a little thrown off for a few days isn’t too fun, the flexibility that comes with that extra hour of light is greatly appreciated. It makes my life as a photographer who also has a full-time day job easier, because I can now shoot in natural light after I leave work at 5 p.m. It’s also easier to enjoy life in the city with my husband, because when it’s light outside, we can explore — and it usually warms up a little, too. :)

So…prepare yourselves (all two of you who read this) for a Daylight Savings Time tribute…coming tonight.


Week 9: Objects that tell something about you March 2, 2008

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This is kind of a cheesy story, but one that has made an impact on my life. I will never forget this story that my mom told me when she was working as a respiratory therapist. She told me once that a woman who she was taking care of said, “You have the most beautiful hands.” My mom replied, “Oh, no! These hands? I never have a manicure…” and the lady said, “Dear…it’s not what your hands look like, it’s what you choose to do with them.”

I must have been about 10 years old when my mom told me that. I always complain about my flat fingernails and my chubby knuckles and all of that, but as I grow older, I realize that my hands look more and more like my mom’s. And what I do with them is hopefully making a difference. I might not be healing people’s physical ailments, but I hope that sometime in my life I can use my hands to reach out.

So here’s a photo of my hand…something that, according to the woman in the hospital, defines a person. On my finger is the wedding band and diamond ring given to me by the one person who understands me better than all other people in this entire world. I am probably the most happily married woman ever. Jeffrey is the most kindhearted, encouraging and wonderful person I’ve ever met. And knowing him and being his wife is what has really helped shape me into the person I am today. I love him. And the beautiful ring I wear every day as a reminder of our lifelong commitment to each other. I am blessed. SO blessed.



Week 8: One for the road

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I skipped this one…well, actually, I did take some photos…but now I’ve moved on. :) Sorry!


Week 7: One object at various angles February 17, 2008

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This weekend, we visited my family and saw their dog’s new little puppies. Four little Miniature Schnauzers ready to play and model for some photos. :) My favorite is the little runt, who we’ve named Petey, because he’s very adventurous and a little bit needy. He’s laid back enough that he lets his sisters and brother push him away during dinner time. :) Anyway, here are some shots of my favorite little Schnauzer, who I wanted to bring back with me in my suitcase.