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#101: Order a Big Mac. October 2, 2008

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3,780 calories.

203 grams of fat.

525 milligrams of cholesterol.

7,280 milligrams of sodium.

3315 grams of carbohydrates.

= 7 Big Macs.


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I ate SEVEN Big Macs.

Okay, just kidding! But I am crossing off #101 on my list of things to do: ordering one Big Mac. :) And 8 friends joined me in the celebration. Seven of us ordered Big Macs — some, like me, who have never had the privilege of eating this “all-American” burger. I must say, my stomach hurt all day just thinking about it.

The array of Big Macs and fries…

First bites of the insanely huge burgers — first up, Maria and Garrett:

And a little Kasie-and-Aleks wedding day remix, McDonald’s style:

Nate has the best first bite face:

Jeff cheated, and ate his first bite while I was distracted with everyone else’s…

And finally, my first taste of Big Mac goodness:

Yes, it was unreal.

Then, we discovered that Garrett’s burger was defective. Interestingly enough, Jeff actually dropped one of the boxes of Big Macs on the floor, gave it back, and asked for a new one. I hope, for Garrett’s sake, that they were just in a hurry to be extra speedy replacing the burger with a brand-new one, and so their craftsmanship was faulty. Hopefully it wasn’t just a reconstruction of the floor mishap burger. I hope, I hope…

All said and done, it was probably one of the most fun Friday nights I’ve had in a while, with or without the Big Mac. :) My stomach hurt from the laughing (yes, I think it was the laughing) and it was so great to catch up with friends. I think we set a record for the longest time hanging out in a McDonald’s (PlayPlace excluded). Thanks for humoring me, everyone! :)

(These photos were taken with my new Nikkor lens — 24-70 2.8 — yes, that’s right! I’m crossing off two items in one day. If you’re keeping track, the lens was numero 35!).