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Chris and Brisa in Brooklyn, NY August 30, 2009

One week ago tonight Jeff and I were hanging out in Brooklyn with two temporary locals, Chris and Brisa. :) You might know Chris, whose fame lies with La Brisa Photography (which was, of course, named in honor of his wife!). Brisa is a veterinarian, and she’s doing an internship at a clinic in Brooklyn, New York. When Jeff and I planned a trip to New York City, we had to meet up with these two and do photo shoots for each other! Chris helped me cross off #11 on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, and I’ll post about that later!

For now, I’ll share a few of the images I took of Chris and Brisa. These were all taken in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass). It’s a neat park-like area that sits underneath the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, and provides an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline.

Aren’t these two so cute?

cbh01 copy

This is the Mahattan bridge in the background.

cbh02 copy

Part of the skyline with the two bridges… Chris and Brisa are super fun — I didn’t even suggest that they get in the water before they were already rolling up their jeans. :)

cbh04 copy

I like the next two a lot. They feel so romantic.

cbh05 copy

cbh06 copy

cbh07 copy

cbh08 copy

Editing these photos made me miss this city! I think I could sit down there and stare at the skyline all day long.

cbh09 copy

I took a few quick headshots for Chris, like this one:

cbh03 copy

Brisa is so pretty. I wish they’d live in Kansas City so Petey could call her his vet. :) She has, very nicely, answered a frantic Erica call in the past when Petey was super sick. Thanks, Brisa! :) 

cbh10 copy

I’d like to transplant this location to Kansas City. :)

cbh11 copy

Aww, so sweet! :)

cbh12 copy

cbh13 copy

Chris and Brisa, thanks for hanging out with us, doing a double photo shoot, and showing us your little corner of Brooklyn (including the amazing sushi place! Yum!). You are great — enjoy your time in Brooklyn!!


Back from NYC! August 25, 2009

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We’re back, and I’ll be back to blogging really soon! :) I have fun photos from the trip, and a few photo shoots to share with you! And, we’re diving right back in to the routine with TONS of great shoots over the next few weeks.


Here’s a shot of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn. That’s the Brooklyn Bridge you see going across the water. I loved it there!

nyc100 copy