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Engagement Photos at Clinton Lake: Sarah and Brett October 27, 2009

I seriously have the best clients. I get to meet the nicest, smartest, cutest people. :) Sarah and Brett are an awesome couple — and I’m so excited that I get to capture their love through photographs. Sarah and Brett wanted to do their engagement session at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, Kansas, where they spent a lot of time during their college years. I love shooting at places that mean something to a couple and where they share memories together. It was also the perfect fall location with gorgeous soft fall colors.

I knew that Sarah would want to see a sneak peek right away (she’s been waiting for her debut on the blog!). Here are just a few of my favorites. :)

sarahbrett01 copy

sarahbrett02 copy

I love it when my couples trust me… even if it means climbing into some tall grass where unknown creatures might be lurking. :) I love this one! 

sarahbrett03 copy

sarahbrett04 copy

Seriously, aren’t they super cute together? :)

sarahbrett05 copy

Sarah really loves photos with streaming, glowing light through trees. There was rain all around us, and we got sprinkled on for a while, but the sun popped out for about 30 seconds and I grabbed a few glowing light photos just for this bride-to-be. :)

sarahbrett06 copy

sarahbrett07 copy

I must admit, I’m glad the sky was a little ominous the day of our shoot, because it created really cool colors on the water and the sky looks heavy. I think it has such a romantic feel.

sarahbrett08 copy

sarahbrett10 copy

sarahbrett11 copy

sarahbrett12 copy

I love how comfortable Sarah and Brett are together (and in front of my camera).

sarahbrett09 copy

sarahbrett13 copy

sarahbrett14 copy

We took a few fun photos of Sarah’s engagement ring, too (which is GORGEOUS!).

sarahbrett15 copy

sarahbrett16 copy

I thought this sign and the foliage growing around it were super cool. 

sarahbrett17 copy

sarahbrett18 copy

sarahbrett19 copy

Sarah and Brett, I am so excited that you’ve asked me to capture this time in your relationship. I can’t wait for your wedding next year — it’s going to be awesome! :)