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Engagement Photos at Clinton Lake: Sarah and Brett October 27, 2009

I seriously have the best clients. I get to meet the nicest, smartest, cutest people. :) Sarah and Brett are an awesome couple — and I’m so excited that I get to capture their love through photographs. Sarah and Brett wanted to do their engagement session at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, Kansas, where they spent a lot of time during their college years. I love shooting at places that mean something to a couple and where they share memories together. It was also the perfect fall location with gorgeous soft fall colors.

I knew that Sarah would want to see a sneak peek right away (she’s been waiting for her debut on the blog!). Here are just a few of my favorites. :)

sarahbrett01 copy

sarahbrett02 copy

I love it when my couples trust me… even if it means climbing into some tall grass where unknown creatures might be lurking. :) I love this one! 

sarahbrett03 copy

sarahbrett04 copy

Seriously, aren’t they super cute together? :)

sarahbrett05 copy

Sarah really loves photos with streaming, glowing light through trees. There was rain all around us, and we got sprinkled on for a while, but the sun popped out for about 30 seconds and I grabbed a few glowing light photos just for this bride-to-be. :)

sarahbrett06 copy

sarahbrett07 copy

I must admit, I’m glad the sky was a little ominous the day of our shoot, because it created really cool colors on the water and the sky looks heavy. I think it has such a romantic feel.

sarahbrett08 copy

sarahbrett10 copy

sarahbrett11 copy

sarahbrett12 copy

I love how comfortable Sarah and Brett are together (and in front of my camera).

sarahbrett09 copy

sarahbrett13 copy

sarahbrett14 copy

We took a few fun photos of Sarah’s engagement ring, too (which is GORGEOUS!).

sarahbrett15 copy

sarahbrett16 copy

I thought this sign and the foliage growing around it were super cool. 

sarahbrett17 copy

sarahbrett18 copy

sarahbrett19 copy

Sarah and Brett, I am so excited that you’ve asked me to capture this time in your relationship. I can’t wait for your wedding next year — it’s going to be awesome! :)


Kansas City Engagement Session: Shalynn & Waylon, Shawnee Mission Park October 6, 2009

Shalynn and Waylon share a lot of things in common, but one big thing stands out: their love for adventure. From extreme sports (extreme for me, at least!), to traveling, to trying new things, these two know how to have fun. And best of all, they love to experience life together.

Waylon had the most creative proposal idea I’ve heard so far. He told Shalynn that they were going to take a trip to Denver, do some rafting, and experience Colorado. She was excited, and boarded a plane to Denver. Yet, when they got to Denver, they didn’t leave the airport. Instead, Waylon told her they were jumping on a plane bound for Los Angeles. So they did. Yet, when they got to Los Angeles, they didn’t leave the airport. Instead, Waylon told her they were actually going to Hawaii. And when they got to Hawaii… okay, okay… they stayed there. :) And Waylon asked Shalynn to be his wife. And she said yes. What a cool story, huh?

So where do you take a couple who loves the great outdoors and living adventurously in it? And where in the world do you find that in Kansas? :) We chose Shawnee Mission Park as the location, since the fall colors are beautiful there right now, there are all sorts of things to explore, and plenty of wildlife to see.

Here are some of my favorites from their session.

sw01 copy

sw02 copy

sw03 copy

sw04 copy

Pretty, pretty Shalynn!

sw05 copy

sw06 copy

I like this one — the light, the couple, the windy little path…

sw07 copy

sw08 copy

The wildlife cooperated with us for a little bit… these geese flew overhead as we were trying to sneak up on a group of deer. Perfect!

sw09 copy

This deer cooperated for about 2.5 seconds. :) Even from a distance, I still like how this one came out!

sw10 copy

The sunset provided a beautiful light for the end of our session. I love the colors in the water and the trees here… and how cute Shalynn and Waylon are. :)

sw11 copy

sw12 copy

We couldn’t take a boat out on the water (and I was too nervous to ask the fisherman if we could borrow his boat), so we just used some as props. :)

sw15 copy

sw14 copy

And one last one… silhouette with the gorgeous sunset!

sw13 copy

Shalynn and Waylon — thanks so much for asking me to take your engagement photos! I hope your engagement is a fun adventure!


Engagement Photos: Mallory & Kylan, Kansas Farm/Eastborough Park June 12, 2009

Every once in a while I meet a couple who makes my heart so joyful. A couple whose love is so pure and sweet that I just want to sigh as I take their photos, edit their photos, and blog their photos. Mallory and Kylan are one of those couples. :)

Mallory is the cousin of one of my brides, Molly, and she caught the bouquet at her wedding. It just so happens that Kylan also caught the garter at that wedding. :) And now, here we are, a few months later doing their engagement photos!

We met before 7 a.m. (Gasp! I know! Are we crazy or what?!) because Mallory really wanted photos at her grandpa’s land out in the country near where I grew up. I knew that the best time for these type of photos would be in the morning light, so they gladly agreed and got up REALLY early to make the drive.




I asked Mallory to bring a quilt to sit on in the field… I didn’t know she’d bring the perfect quilt — a gorgeous handmade one that her great-grandmother crafted! Isn’t it beautiful?



I love this one. I didn’t even tell them to do this. Yes, they are just that cute.



After a wardrobe change and a little drive, we met up again at Eastborough Park in a little town within a town in Wichita. :) They went to this park on their first date, and then again when Kylan proposed. I love going to places that are special for a couple!





We were followed for most of our session by this cute little group of 11 baby ducklings! How sweet!



Seriously. Beautiful.



Mallory and Kylan, I loved meeting you in person and capturing your love. I can’t wait to be there for your wedding celebration!

Family and friends can click here to view all of the photos online once they’re ready to go! :)

(One more reminder… I’m still away having a great time with high school students who are learning about leadership and volunteerism at HOBY! If you’re trying to reach me and haven’t heard back, I promise I’ll be in touch early next week!).


Kansas City Engagement Session: Jay and Andrea, Indian Hills Golf Course May 19, 2009


I never thought in Mrs. Smith’s 5th grade class that someday I’d be taking engagement photos for Jay and his beautiful bride-to-be. I never thought I’d have the chance to capture such a fun time in an old friend’s life… but that’s what I love about this awesome world of photography. It connects people. And it connects me to people that I’ve known from all stages of life.

I’ve known Jay since 1st grade. But for some reason, when I think of Jay, I picture that 5th grade classroom. Maybe it’s because that was a year that I was obsessed with taking photos at school. I don’t know how many photos of Jay and our classmates I probably have from that one year. Of course, we all look really cool. :) Anyway, Jay and I went to school together for a long, long time — and ended up at K-State at the same time, too. But it’s been a few years since I’ve even seen him, and it was such a joy to see him and Andrea together and capture a little bit of the love they share.

I’m going to start off with a series of three photos that I just love… 




They are so beautiful individually — but even more beautiful together. :) It just doesn’t get any better than a beautiful couple in beautiful golden light…




Seriously, Andrea knew how to “work it” for the camera… okay, and so did Jay…


Another series. In case you haven’t figured it out already, I tend to do a series of shots with most situations — capturing separate frames of individual instants of time that freeze a laugh, a sigh, a sweet moment.


The gorgeous ring!


We took Jay and Andrea’s engagement photos at Indian Hills Golf Course in Prairie Village, a suburb of Kansas City. It was basically empty when we were out there (they’re closed on Mondays), and it was a gorgeous location for our session. 


I love the next two. They were telling me about their engagement story — and how Andrea couldn’t believe that everyone knew it was coming (except for her)!



A few in black and white:



After the more casual portion of our session, we took time for a wardrobe change to have a more dressy feel. I love when brides-to-be opt for a cute sundress or skirt in their engagement photos. It’s very fun and flirty and is perfect for spring/summertime sessions! See how cute Andrea is? I know Jay agrees. :)



I couldn’t help myself. One more cute one to leave you with… :)


Jay and Andrea, congratulations to you two!! :) I hope you have a wonderful wedding in October! Thanks so much for asking me to do your engagement photos!

If you’re a family member or friend of the couple, click here to sign their online guestbook and view all of their engagement photos once they’re published!


Kansas City Engagement Photos: Amanda and Chris, Nelson-Atkins April 28, 2009


Amanda and Chris are just one of those couples. One of those couples that you can’t help but like instantly. One of those couples who know — like, really know — each other so well. One of those couples who is dedicated to encouraging each other’s pursuits and growing together. One of those couples who spots a big red kickball in a field during their engagement shoot… and who want to take a break to go give it a big kick. :)

Amanda and Chris are just one of those couples who have the kind of love that I love. The kind of love that makes for great photos. And the kind of love that lasts.

I’m so excited to share these images of their engagement session at the Nelson-Atkins museum with you. I hope the photos do Amanda and Chris’ beauty — and their love — justice. :)






I love this little set…

Amanda and Chris have this great mix of being super playful and fun… and then being so sweet and cuddly. I love it!



After we visited the Nelson, Amanda mentioned that they love to drink coffee and go all the time. So we headed to the Plaza to Latte Land for some coffee and more photos.



Amanda and Chris, you both are awesome. I can’t wait for your wedding in October.

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Kansas City Engagement Photos: Lisa and Ben April 27, 2009


I met up with Lisa and Ben at Kauffman Garden for their engagement session. I am so excited for their wedding this summer — they are such a fun, laid-back couple who are just so cute together.

See what I mean? :)





I love photos that are really cuddly and cute… Lisa and Ben are just adorable.



Ben did an amazing job picking out Lisa’s ring… look at how beautiful it is:



And I’ll leave you with this adorable series from our shoot:


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Lisa and Ben, I can’t wait to see you again on your wedding day! Thanks for a great session!!