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Kansas City Wedding: Kim and Kyle October 25, 2009

October is such a great time to get married in Kansas City — the trees are gorgeous, the weather is typically pretty mild, and… well, I got married in October so I’m a little partial to the month. :) Kim and Kyle chose a late October wedding because they wanted the trees to be at the peak of the fall season. It was perfect timing.

Kim and Kyle got married at Good Shepherd Catholic Church, with a reception downtown at the Aladdin Hotel. Their day was very relaxed and laid-back, which was perfect for these two and their guests. Here are some of my favorites. First, their rings on a gorgeous fall tree!

kimkyle01 copy

Their ceremony was beautiful, and I really loved photographing in this church, which is a circular design and has some great natural light! Kim’s dad walked her down the aisle:

kimkyle02 copy

Kim and Kyle got to sit down for part of the ceremony. It was fun capturing their glances during the ceremony. :)

kimkyle03 copy

Some more ceremony favorites:

kimkyle04 copy

kimkyle05 copy

kimkyle06 copy

kimkyle07 copy

Husband and wife! Yay!

kimkyle08 copy

After the ceremony, Kim and Kyle scheduled in time for creative portraits downtown before the reception, which was amazing! Here they are with the wedding party:

kimkyle12 copy

I love their reaction here to something their friends said. :) So happy!

kimkyle10 copy

Now get ready for a big set of portraits. :)

kimkyle13 copy

kimkyle14 copy

kimkyle15 copy

These two are so sweet together. I love this one:

kimkyle16 copy

24 is the date they got married. :)

kimkyle17 copy

kimkyle18 copy

The wonderful Kasie helped me shoot this wedding — here is one of the shots she took! I love this wide-angle view!

kimkyle35 copy

More of my faves:

kimkyle19 copy

kimkyle20 copy

kimkyle22 copy

kimkyle21 copy

The next two are Kasie’s shots — I love both of these. 

kimkyle34 copy

kimkyle36 copy

We found this great wall with pretty fall vines. These next shots are mine:

kimkyle23 copy

kimkyle24 copy

Their reception was on the 16th floor of the Aladdin Hotel in downtown Kansas City. It was set up to be a reception where people could visit with each other and relax to the tune of some great live music. :)

kimkyle09 copy

kimkyle26 copy

kimkyle27 copy

kimkyle29 copy

It’s a tradition in Kim’s family for family members to design squares of fabric that are all sewed together in a quilt for the couple. Here’s one of the quilt squares, designed by a grandmother:

kimkyle25 copy

More reception shots:

kimkyle28 copy

kimkyle31 copy

kimkyle30 copy

Kim and Kyle, congratulations on your marriage. I hope you’re having an awesome time in London or France, wherever you might be when you see this. :) Thanks so much for asking me to be a part of your wedding day.

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Manhattan Kansas Wedding: Amy and Brian October 12, 2009

I love fall. And I love weddings. So you better believe I love fall weddings. :) Amy and Brian got married this past weekend in Manhattan, Kansas, and it was a great fall day — right before the weather turned so cold! They got married in the evening at Seven Dolors Catholic Church with a reception at the Manhattan Country Club.

We started off with Amy getting ready at the church — the details in her dress were amazing.

amybrian01 copy

Amy and Brian chose to see each other before the wedding for the photos, and we had their first meeting outside on the church steps, which was surrounded by beautiful trees with changing leaves. These are from their first few moments together:

amybrian02 copy

amybrian03 copy

amybrian04 copy

I loved the golden tree, so we did a few of Amy’s bridal portraits in front of it, too. The backlit sun was just lovely… and so was the bride!

amybrian05 copy

The wedding party went outside for fun and relaxed portraits, too. This is on the side of the church:

amybrian06 copy

We walked to downtown Manhattan (just a few blocks) for more photos with Amy and Brian. I could’ve spent all day taking portraits… but they had to get married. ;)

amybrian07 copy

amybrian08 copy

I love the next two that Jeff took:

amybrian29 copy

amybrian30 copy

Brian’s family owns Danenberg Jewelers in downtown Manhattan, and that’s where he proposed to Amy. Of course, we had to get some photos in front of the store on their big day!

amybrian09 copy

amybrian10 copy

amybrian11 copy

These next three detail shots are by Jeff — ring shots (of course — the groom is a jeweler!) and the gorgeous church:

amybrian31 copy

amybrian32 copy

amybrian33 copy

Jeff also grabbed this one right before Amy walked down the aisle:

amybrian34 copy

The ceremony was in the evening, since the wedding was on a Friday, and it was really romantic — lit by candles, with the focus on the altar of the church. 

amybrian13 copy

amybrian12 copy

amybrian14 copy

Jeff’s ceremony shots:

amybrian35 copy

amybrian36 copy

And their grand exit (the first is mine, the second is Jeff’s):

amybrian15 copy

amybrian37 copy

I like this shot of the car window as they were pulling away — the people in the reflection are Brian’s sisters and grandparents. :)

amybrian16 copy

When we arrived at the Manhattan Country Club, which sits up on a tall hill, Amy and Brian gave me a few more minutes for portraits!

amybrian17 copy

amybrian18 copy

amybrian19 copy

The reception was very elegant, and had a really laid back and classy feel. Here are a few of the details:

amybrian20 copy

amybrian23 copy

amybrian21 copy

amybrian22 copy

I love to watch the bride and groom during events like slideshows of their love story — the reactions are always great. Here’s one of Amy:

amybrian24 copy

Instead of a bouquet and garter toss, Amy and Brian chose to dedicate it to their grandparents, who have been an example of lasting love and marriage for both of them. It was really special. Afterwards, they had a special dance for them — here are Brian’s grandparents dancing:

amybrian28 copy

The flower girl was Amy’s niece and she was so adorable, especially gliding around the dance floor like a princess. :)

amybrian25 copy

Amy and her dad during the father-daughter dance:

amybrian27 copy

And I’ll leave you with a shot from Amy and Brian’s first dance:

amybrian26 copy

Congratulations, you two! I hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon in Hawaii! :) Best wishes for a joy-filled marriage.

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